Title Loans in Cicero, Illinois

About Cicero Title Solutions

Cicero Title Solutions prides itself on helping members of the local community gain access to funds when they need cash fast. In today's environment of high living expenses and dynamic employment situations, people often find themselves short on cash when an emergency presents itself. That's why we make it easy to get cash in your hands today. You can use your title loan proceeds for anything, such as an appliance-, car-, or plumbing repair. Whatever has you feeling cash strapped, Cicero Title Solutions has got you covered.


At Cicero Title Solutions, we have a no hassle qualification policy. We know you need your cash fast, and you've got enough headaches. To get your title loan in Cicero, IL, all you need is the following:


You need a way to pay back the loan, and since title loan payments are easy to make, we don't require you to have been making bank for the last five years. What we do need is verification that you have a source of income for the payments. We accept most forms of income. Your income can be from full- or part- time work or most any other source, so long as you can document it. Examples of income types we accept include the following:

• W2 Employment Income
• 1099 Income
• Unemployment Benefits
• Disability
• Social Security
• Retirement Income
• Pension Income
• Self-Employment Income
• Cash Income, If Documented
• Other

Income qualification is based on your ability to make the loan payment, not the type of income you receive. If you have questions about whether you qualify, contact one of our loan consultants now.


All Cicero title loan applicants must be 18 years of age or older. A valid state-issued ID is required. This protects our customers by verifying age as well as identity.

Car Title

You will need your car title. The title must be in your name, as proof of ownership. After all, we can't have people getting loans on other people's vehicles! If you do not have a copy of your title, you can obtain a replacement copy from the DMV.

If you have a clear title, then you are ready to go. When you have a lien against a vehicle, you need equity in the vehicle in order to qualify. If you have questions about qualifying based on vehicle equity, contact a loan consultant today.

Apply at Cicero Title Solutions

We make it easy to get title loans in Cicero, IL. You'll have your cash within 24 hours. First off, jump on your computer and fill out the simple online application. It'll take just a few minutes. If you prefer, you can give us a call, and your loan consultant will be happy to take your application over the phone. To complete your application, you'll need your vehicle make, model, year, and mileage.

Based on your application, you'll get a free loan estimate. Afterwards, your loan consultant will verify your income and help you select the best loan terms for your situation. Your loan consultant can answer any questions you may have about title loans.

Did you notice that no credit check is involved in this application process? That's one of the best things about title loans. Your credit score and credit history are irrelevant. Why? Because the equity in your vehicle speaks for itself. When you take a title loan, you loan against the value in your vehicle, not against your credit.

It's that easy. Doesn't it feel good to know that after this short process, you'll know you have the funds to cover that outstanding expense that's been driving you crazy? Call today.

How It Works

Wondering how much of a loan you can get? Getting your application in is the first step in determining the answer. Your loan amount depends on two factors. The primary factor is the value of your equity in the vehicle. A borrower with a car worth $1,500 will qualify for a much lower loan amount than a borrower with a car worth $20,000. Loan amounts can range between a few hundred dollars and $25,000 and up, depending on the vehicle.

The second factor is your income level. A person with a fixed income for disability or Social Security, for example, may only have room in their budget for a small monthly payment, in which case, the loan amount is limited to what he or she can afford. Another borrower may work a full time job and a well-paying side hustle. This borrower would probably qualify for the largest loan possible based on the vehicle's equity.

Once you complete the application and receive your free loan estimate, you'll receive a phone call from one of our loan pros, who can explain everything about title loans Cicero. Your loan consultant will set an appointment for you at the Cicero Title Solutions' office. For your appointment, you'll need your proof of income, title, and the vehicle. After a brief vehicle inspection, your loan consultant will make copies of your documents, review the loan paperwork, and answer any questions. After signing the loan documents, you get your cash on the spot.

Cicero, IL title loans through us are designed to provide convenience and ease for our customers. For that reason, we work hard every day to get you the cash you need. With us, there are no delays and no concerns. Speed is the object.

We know it's tough when you have a major repair bill, medical bill, or the landlord breathing down your neck. If you have equity in your vehicle, you should be able to use it, right?

Without title loans, you would be forced to sell your vehicle in order to access its value. If you're like most people, selling your vehicle is no option. How would you get to work, run errands, and get the kids to soccer practice? Title loans provide a valuable service by providing the means for people to access the value in their vehicles when they need it. To get your title loan application started, click here or call Cicero Title Solutions today.

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